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A world where all communities live with hope and dignity.

We strive to improve the wellbeing of low-income communities in a sustainable manner, through the creation of opportunities.

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SCF supports impact first organisations creating sustainable economic opportunities to improve people’s well-being, their sense of self-development and contribution. We believe in a world where communities embrace their own future, leading lives with hope and dignity. Our support is primarily directed towards:

  • Community Income Generation

NGOs or social businesses with the goal of increasing economic opportunities for communities and people living in extreme scarcity; those the market still leaves behind.

  • Small Business Growth

Small & social enterprises that have the potential to grow and positively impact the communities and environment they operate in with financial resources and business development services.

We offer

Venture Philanthropy

We make social investments, grants and low-interest loans adapted to organisations’ needs. Our flexible financial instruments (project grants, innovation grants, capacity building grants, loans and seed capital, etc.) aim to increase our partners' impact.

More than Finance

We are a hands-on organisation; active collaboration and non-financial support based on the principles of adaptive management ensure that we learn with our partners and can facilitate relevant support throughout their journey. We combine shadow management, access to experts & technology and scaling programmes.

Practitioner Network

Partners join the SCF network, a community to exchange knowledge, best practices and collaborate with experts. Our open-source platform will soon be available as a place for shared learning.

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At SCF we believe that sharing knowledge and experience is a key responsibility of those working in development.

A Network of Experts

Build a network of specialised partners, eager to collaborate, learn, share knowledge and inspire others.

A Network of Collaborators

Fostering and sharing of best practice, experiences and methodologies making them freely available to other ambitious organisations (open source).

A Network to Scale

Facilitate the knowledge transfer between organisations to scale their impact and replicate successful models.

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Our main goals for 2021

Increase Our Impact

We aim to expand our impact by building further partnerships, continuing with East Africa, Central America and the United States.

Missing Middle

Our ambition is to address the needs of small businesses with potential to grow and transform local disadvantaged communities; excluded from traditional financial markets due to a potentially higher risk but with transformational social impact.

Open Source

We will share our learning in best approaches to economic development, making them widely available to our partners and to other organisations.


We will foster collaboration and cross- learning in a practitioners’ network as a means to scale impact.