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School Business Training for African Youth

Teach a Man to Fish


East Africa

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Education, Youth Entrepreneurship



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Teach a Man to Fish supports youth through programmes that equip educators in and out of school settings to help young people gain business and life skills in real youth-led businesses. By participating in the planning and running of a business, children and young people develop a range of life skills and experience through practical activities.

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Covid Response

This project responds to the disruption of education as governments everywhere strive to control the spread of Covid-19.  Teach A Man To Fish aims to embrace new ways of working with young people, by developing the “Enterprise Adventure” programme for individual/small groups of children and youth, which is not dependent on attending school and being facilitated by teachers.

  1.       Distribution of Home Learning Workbooks is introducing an experiential education programme of activities; our Enterprise Adventure is directed to 3,700 children and youth who are out of school due to Covid-related closures. The Enterprise Adventure is currently designed as a series of activities to take young people from their vision to a prototype.
  2.       Development of an extra level to the Enterprise Adventure programme, providing a structure for young people (individually or in groups) to independently move their canvas and prototype into a functioning business in a short timeframe.  
  3.       Create a digital version of our expanded Enterprise Adventure programme. We will market this through our networks of nonprofit and community groups, schools, local authorities and social media to reach young people excluded from participating in the School Enterprise Challenge. We aim to test the digital version with 100 young people.

SCF has provided a capacity-building grant to support the development and implementation of this programme. 

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The project will introduce a student-led School Business, as an educational tool, into 54 primary and secondary schools in Rwanda through the proven School Enterprise Challenge programme. It will directly nurture young entrepreneurs in each school, build teachers’ capacity to inspire learning-by-doing, and establish a sustainable initiative so that the school can continue. This proposal includes an innovation pilot project proposal for introducing an MIS to improve programme management and effectiveness.

SCF has supported this project with an innovation project grant and has also supported projects in Uganda and Central America.

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