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Reciprocity Fund

Reciprocity Fund of Beneficial Returns


Latin America and Southeast Asia

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Entrepreneurship, Business Development



The Reciprocity Fund is a philanthropic loan fund providing access to finance to small enterprises with a clear impact thesis creating sustainable livelihoods for indigenous communities in Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Indigenous entrepreneurs are working to solve some of their communities’ and society’s biggest challenges: extreme poverty, declining soil health, environmental degradation, shrinking biodiversity, waste and limited access to sustainable energy. However, these small enterprises struggle to secure financing, impeding growth and the adoption of their solutions to match the scale of the problem and their communities’ needs.  Institutional oppression, lack of connections and lack of political and financial resources further prevent these enterprises from scaling.


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The reciprocity fund is providing loans to these enterprises empowers entrepreneurs and their communities and efficiently supports growth. 

Currently the fund focuses on agriculture, preserving biodiversity and traditional ways of life, looking to expand toward circular models and waste management in the future. 


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