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Increased sustainability of the youth violence prevention model of MOJE



El Salvador

Area of expertise:

Youth Entrepreneurship, Social business



MOJE is and has been a reference in youth violence prevention in El Salvador. Youth gangs are a severe problem in the country and focusing on prevention is essential. MOJE realised from the start that giving tangible technical skills and creating opportunities for income generation was the only real way of giving a viable alternative for youth to exit or avoid gangs (as many enter them as a source of living).

MOJE has trained at least 4,000 young people in 20 years in technical areas, business management, youth leadership, sports, art, tourism, marketing, product development, financial education, life skills, creativity and cultural industries. Through this project, SCF is supporting the transition of MOJE´s commercial branch to a social business.  MOJE is a respected institution, due to its high moral standards and its continued commitment to support youth over the years. SCF starts its work in the youth violence problem, such a big topic in Central América. Engaging with MOJE opens the door to do further work and also to continue fostering peer exchange with SCF partners to improve the impact of youth entrepreneurship initiatives.


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Strategic planning and social business model

1. a 5-years strategic plan built with the participation of at least 90% of MOJE’s staff 2. New business model and operational plan of MOJE´s commercial branch

Emergency care

1. Physical facilities have been improved, given the effects of Amanda, Iota and Eta storms  2. COVID biosafety measures in place

Shadow management

MOJE receives the accompaniment to support decision-making processes and provides advice throughout the project.

Embracing social business to increase impact

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In the past years, MOJE has been affected by fluctuations in donor commitments, impacting its services, worsened by Covid’s lockdowns.  This project seeks to support MOJE to improve their sustainability, embracing social entrepreneurship as a way to support their activities and increase their impact while strengthening their leadership capacities to face the future. MOJE requests also some emergency support to repair some severe damages that hamper their activities due to Amanda Storm.

This first six-month collaboration with SCF is an initial phase. If successful, it could become the basis to a longer-term project that could support MOJE’s new path. The organization has the potential to leverage its institutional standing and capacities to create a more sustainable and less vulnerable organization and continue to be an anchor for youth at risk.  

SCF provided a grant to fund:

  1. The strategic processes and decision-making with the engagement of a local expert in social business and innovation incubation processes, INSERT. 
  2. Emergency reparations of roofs and structures of the showroom and shop

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