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Entrepreneurship Training & Farmers Support in Rural Babati

Livingstone Tanzania Trust


Tanzania, East Africa

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Livingstone Tanzania Trust focuses on key areas to improve community well-being: Education, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) and Livelihoods. 

The designing and intervening in these areas ensures that communities can develop based on their needs, and improve their quality of life. 

Their vision is to see the people of the Tanzania unlock their potential, overcome poverty and live long, happy, healthy lives where all are respected and valued.

They partner with the community for the long term, committing to evolve as the community changes. They offer support until it is no longer needed.

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Farmers programme

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This project is the next phase of the Smallholder Farmer Training, a programme designed to build the knowledge, capacity and skills of 200 farmers in Singe Ward to improve their productivity and income security. Having completed classroom training for all farmers the programme will now move into the next phase, focused on individual and cluster support and mentoring for farmers to enable them to implement ideas and techniques from training in their own agricultural activities. Mentoring and bespoke farmer-by-farmer support is an essential process in sustainably building farmers’ knowledge, skills and confidence and enabling participants to get the most out of their training. 

Support areas include: 

-Crop planting techniques, crop rotation and intercropping

-Organic and conservation farming techniques

-Improved harvesting and storage to reduce post-harvest losses

-Vegetable production, seed nursery preparation and transplanting, natural fencing, composting, mulching and organic pest control in the form of sprays and planting

-Fruit farming

-Improved livestock management including; housing and sanitation, feeding regimes, common diseases, preventative measures and treatment. 

-Market linkages


Street business program - fostering entrepreneurship in rural Babati

This program seeks to assist community members to develop the skills and knowledge to establish their own businesses. The programme is structured in 4 implementation phases:

  1. Community awareness campaign: informing people of the concept and the opportunity. Interested individuals complete and submit an application form along with a baseline questionnaire and an informal vetting process.
  2. In the first few months, applicants receive training in personal and business skills, including record keeping, market research and individual mentoring, following the Street Business training methodology from Street Business School. 
  3. After 6 months and the launch of the business, team members provide individual coaching and mentoring and exit surveys including graduation from the programme.
  4. After a further 6 months, MCDO staff will revisit the participants to evaluate progress.

SCF provided a grant to implement the project and supported the capacity building of LTT and MCDO to learn and apply this new methodology. Also, some of the groups will be formed by youth and women. 

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