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Job Opportunities for Youth and Women in Kenyan Slums



Kenya, East Africa

Area of expertise:

Job creation, affordable products & services



Livelyhoods have created a youth-powered sales network that trains and employs disadvantaged youth and women in Kenyan slums to distribute life-improving products in hard-to-reach slum markets. 

By offering training and job opportunities, we provide unemployed youth and women with an opportunity to work their way out of poverty. At the same time, this door-to-door distribution network of youth and women from slum communities brings clean-energy products that improve the health and quality of life in these same communities. LivelyHoods products also prevent harmful emissions, reducing deforestation and climate change.

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Livelyhoods aims to increase the depth of impact for existing youth and women associated with their sales network by improving upon operational process and training while implementing additional monitoring and impact measurement systems. 

Additionally, Livelyhoods is creating two new sales training programmes which involve: 

  1. a one-month apprenticeship sales training program
  2. one week training
  3. a full-time job for individuals with some work experience in LivelyHoods social business 

Training is tailored to the education level, work experience and specific goals of the beneficiaries. 

As a second phase, once the pilot is tested and evaluated, it will be scaled and replicated through LivelyHoods’ branches and also through partnerships with other organisations both in Kenya and also regionally (Tanzania and Uganda).

SCF is providing a three-year grant to support the design and implementation of operational improvements as well as the new training programmes to pilot and later to expand the reach of Livelyhoods’ activities and depth of impact for its existing sales force. 

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