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A Sustainable Model to Provide Access to Clean Drinking Water in Africa



Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, East Africa

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Social business



Jibu capitalises and equips emerging market entrepreneurs to create affordable access to drinking water and other necessities. With high visibility, JIBU retail storefronts and proven business acumen, these entrepreneurs are poised to revolutionise the African market and pave the way for developed world resources to become effectively deployed in emerging markets. Jibu is a social business, integrating the resources and expertise of private and public sectors, with best-practice and sharing their knowledge and experience.


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This is a social business that provides a source of income by creating Microfranchise water purification points. This project is aimed at expanding operations in East Africa. 

SCF provided several loans at a low-interest rate. 

Jibu has launched more than 200 businesses (more than one per week) across Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and Zimbabwe since January 2015. Jibu franchises have produced more than 45 million litres of drinking water during this time, serving consumers who on average earn less than $5 / day.

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