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Combatting Food Waste & Labour Exclusion Through a Social Business



Spain, Europe

Area of expertise:

Labour inclusion, food waste



Fundació Espigoladors is a non-profit organization that works to reduce food waste and losses while also empowering people who are at danger of social exclusion in a transformative, participatory, inclusive, and long-term manner.

They are a social company model that addresses three social needs at once and connects them: advocating for better food utilization, ensuring the right to a nutritious diet, and providing job opportunities for marginalized groups.

The acts encouraged by Espigoladors are perfectly aligned with some of the SDGs, which were established by the United Nations in 2015 in order to eradicate poverty, protect the environment, and secure prosperity for all as part of a new global agenda for sustainable development.

Simultaneously, the Espigoladors model is intimately linked to circular economy ideas, a new paradigm shift aimed at extending product lifespan and maximizing use while reducing waste production.

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Espigoladors is in the process of creating a social enterprise. The aim is to achieve financial sustainability to enhance social impact through employment opportunities, expanded operations, and further the reduction in food waste. This project is about preparing Espigoladors to pitch their expansion to investors and to prepare the transition from foundation to enterprise. 

SCF has provided a capacity-building grant to support Espigoladors in the analysis of their business model and operations and prepare their investor deck to ensure that long-term impact can be achieved and to attract the right investor for their needs.

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