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Innovative Youth Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas



Guatemala, Central America

Area of expertise:

Youth Entrepreneurship, Rural Entrepreneurship



Cooperation for the Rural Development of the West is an organisation of Mayan origin that seeks to combat poverty in rural areas by supporting the development of rural businesses and sustainable productive activities, with full participation of the communities. CRDO has a Rural Entrepreneurship Team that has promoted several rural companies. As their next step, CDRO wants to attract and promote youth entrepreneurship in rural areas as a way to develop new skills and reduce the risk of an informal career.

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This project seeks to promote the entrepreneurial spirit and the creation of companies by indigenous young people from the rural environment of western Guatemala. With support from SCF and in alliance with Sic4Change and Bridge for Billions, CDRO will create a local business incubator, legally constituted by Mayan youth.

SCF is providing the grant to fund the collaboration and acting as a curator to facilitate process design and delivery, ensuring the programmes reflect the beneficiaries` needs and have a lasting impact.

  1. Promote youth entrepreneurship in Totonicapán, making the Bridge4 Billions business incubation platform accessible, fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of young people in the region
  2. Strengthen CRDO’s capacities to become a hub for youth entrepreneurship in the western region of Guatemala.

This project aims to catalyze education and training and facilitate the creation of Mayan-led companies and Mayan-led support systems for entrepreneurs.

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