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Opportunities in Higher Education Through Impact Investing

Brighter Investments


Ghana, West Africa

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Brighter Investments finances higher education for talented youth including mentorship. Repayment of the loan starts only after students have a job, and is based on their future income. To apply, students require a recommendation by their high-school teacher or tertiary educator.

At Brighter Investment, the people are at the heart of what we do. Their unique personalities, perspectives, skills, and competencies have helped Brighter Investment grow in leaps and bounds over the last few years.

And through the ups and downs; the victories and setbacks; the challenges and opportunities, every member of the team has remained committed to ensuring that every academically talented student in the world has access to quality higher education through Brighter Investment and the amazing investors who have seen and understood the need to make an impact in the world through education.

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SCF invested in Brighter Investments with a loan to finance East-African students’ higher education and ensure future job security, better income and self-development, for those from a low-income background.¬†

The Corporation will use the Investment Amount to pay for tuition fees, housing fees and monthly stipends of students in developing countries.

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