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Landscape Study of Venture Philanthropy in Africa




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Venture Philanthropy



AVPA is a Pan-African network for social investors collaborating to increase the flow of capital into social investments across Africa and ensures that capital (financial, human and/or intellectual) is deployed as effectively and innovatively as possible for maximum social impact. Africa Venture Philanthropy Association is a member-based organisation that is promoting Venture Philanthropy in Africa. It was set up in 2018 and is building several projects to build the capacity of those involved and to provide information and tools.

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Landscaping study of venture philanthropy in Africa. AVPA undertook:

  1. to produce a social investment landscape study covering 9 countries in Western, Eastern and Southern Africa.
  2. to circulate and publicise the landscape study publication among its constituents

SCF supported the study with the issuance of a grant, the objective being to further the understanding of the social investment ecosystem across Africa and to improve decision-making based on regional and sectoral needs internally as well as by our partner organisations.


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