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ADEL Morazán

ADEL Morazán


Central America

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Business Development



Adel Morazán is a private, non-profit organization, apolitical, participatory in operation. It was created in 1993, by different economic – productive organizations,grassroots organizations, with the support of the Central Government, local governments, and the PRODERE / UNDP.This process was promoted through dialogue, agreement and the participatory proposal of the different local actors of the Department.

The mission of the association is to implement processes of business development inclusive, contributing to the competitiveness and sustainable development of MSEs. Their vision consists of specializing in the development of MSEs, helping to improve the quality of life of families. 


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SCF and ADEL Morazán propose to conduct a preliminary study to determine the specific financial and technical assistance needs of organizations and small producers in rural areas in the department of Morazán’s productive sub-sectors (vegetables, beekeeping, and coffee).

The data will be utilized to create a financial and technical aid system that will help rural producer organizations and individuals expand and become more competitive by using a market-driven strategy.

This research will serve as the foundation for the development of a three-year joint project in Morazán, El Salvador, to improve the competitiveness of value chains, thereby improving the quality of life for the local community, which is highly reliant on agricultural activities.


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