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La Asociación Comunitaria Unida por el Agua y la Agricultura



Central America

Area of expertise:

Rural development, Community development



La Asociación Comunitaria Unida por el Agua y la Agricultura, the United Community Association for Water and Agriculture, is an organization that is not governmental, non-profit, nonpartisan, with extensive experience in cooperation and work community, which shares values ​​of solidarity and commitments to the development of more impoverished of the country.

Their main purposes are :

a) Promoting sustainable rural development

b) Carrying out community development activities

c) Executing projects that benefit low-income families

d) Any other lawful, necessary and convenient activity that contributes to the purposes or objectives of the association.


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This initiative will help 5 rural cooperatives and individual firms in the Cordillera del Bálsamo, that have been accompanied by ACUA in El Salvador, strengthen their businesses and increase their income. Firstly, the method entails strengthening ACUA’s entrepreneurial capacity via the Model of Attention to Enterprises with Social Impact. Secondly, it aims to strengthen local enterprises with a focus on product design, improvement of their business model and market insertion, and finally strengthening of business management for the cooperatives. 

This project includes a partnership with INSERT, a SCF network partner company in El Salvador, which will lead the business strengthening and market access for businesses and cooperatives, as well as building the capacity of the ACUA team.

The projected outcome is for cooperatives and enterprises to significantly increase their commercial activity and, as a result, their revenue levels, allowing them to become main factors for enhancing the quality of life of people in the Cordillera del Bálsamo


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Chamber of Commerce Registry number: 53170520
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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